Wildlife Park 2 - Crazy Zoo

Wildlife Park 2 - Crazy Zoo 1.24

You can use numerous new attractions for the perfect park experience
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Developers B-Alive treats the "Wildlife Park 2" simulation to fantastic new features in its first add-on Crazy Zoo! More than 30 new types of animals and plants have moved in at the zoo.
Favorite species such as the Wolf, the Arctic Fox, the Giant Kangaroo and the Meerkat are the new Stars in your zoo! Improve the park with the blossoms of sunflowers and rare orchids and plant exotic trees such as bamboo and eucalyptus.
You can use numerous new attractions for the perfect park experience. There is something special for everyone: from the children's adventure playground to the helicopter round-trip to diving in the shark cage. Visitors can travel through the park in boats, Jeeps or on the back ofhorses, camels and elephants.
Main features:
-20 new animal species inhabit the zoo, for example Arctic Fox, Spotted Hyena, Giant Kangaroo and Meerkat
-10 interesting and varied new mission, 10 new cards for free play
-New exciting attractions provide fun and entertainment for visitors to the zoo, e.g. glass bottom cruises, elephant riding, helicopter tours and swimming with dolphins
-16 additional plant species, e.g. sunflowers and orchids
-New decorative equipment, enclosure elements and guest facilities such as diving equipment for hire, street musicians and Pool bar
-Boat station with glass bottom cruises
-Riding on horses, elephants and camels
-Children’s' excursion train and helicopter station with helicopter tours
-Photo Safaris (animal documentation) and tranquilizer gun mode
-Diving equipment hire and underwater observation in shark cage
-Swimming with dolphins and other water creatures

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